WE BELIEVE that as members of the MinSCAT-key officials, faculty, staff and students - everyone must be conscientious of one's duties and responsibilities bearing the accountability inherent to one's task or position.

WE BELIEVE that students must likewise exhibit responsibility in all their undertakings - studies and behavior inside and outside the College Campus.


WE ALSO BELIEVE that everybody must lent their support and get involved in all institutional activities instructions, research, extension and production.

WE BELEIVE that each member of the organization must help to facilities performance of functions of all Units by sharing resources, ideas and skills.

WE BELIEVE that every student should also get involved in the activities of the College and extend support in whatever capacity they can.


WE BELIEVE that the college must internalize the value of dedication to hard work to surpass minimum expectations and raise the standards of performance in the college.

WE BELIEVE that the students must likewise share this value as zeal in producing excellent performance.


WE BELIEVE that it must be the ultimate goal of MinSCAT to excel in its quadruple functions-instructions, research, extension and production-and therefore must surpass minimum standards of performance.

WE BELIEVE that as a student of MinSCAT, everyone is expected to excel in their field of learning and to be more competitive in the outside world of academe.

WE BELIEVE that every graduate of MinSCAT should model the core values of R.I.C.E in whatever endeavor he/she gets involved in and must strive to spread the good values advocated by the College.